Southwest I-CorpsTM offers two types of NSF I-Corps Programs.

National I-Corps Program

The National NSF I-CorpsTM Program is a seven-week hands-on course designed to enable teams of scientists, engineers, and researchers to understand the potential value of their technology and inventions to society, by teaching participants how to assess the market opportunity for new technology and commercial potential. Teams of three complete the course and receive a $50,000 grant to determine the commercial potential of their innovation.

Understand the process for determining market opportunity for new technology

Gain perspective on the market/industry/customers

Enhance the probability of successful commercialization

Shorten the commercialization timeframe

Significantly increase the likelihood of SBIR/STTR funding

Grant funding for graduate student and prototype materials

Build relationship with NSF and future grant prospects

Learn about entrepreneurship and commercialization

Regional I-Corps Program

Regional NSF I-CorpsTM Programs facilitate the commercial evaluation of academic research and innovation, and develop potentially eligible teams for the National NSF I-CorpsTM Program and a $50,000 I-CorpsTM team grant. Over three days, teams of two or more are introduced to the fundamental I-CorpsTM principles, which helps teams explore the potential value of their research or innovation, and quickly and effectively validate their commercialization strategy.

Validate your business model

Improve odds for commercial success

Develop entrepreneurial skills

Establish product-market fit

Achieve eligibility to apply for $50,000 I-Corps team grant

My team is ready for I-CorpsTM. What does the application process look like for each program?

National I-CorpsTM Program

Eligible I-CorpsTM teams will go through a formal application process, beginning with an application submission to NSF. In the days following, all team members will be coached by the Southwest I-CorpsTM team in preparation for their interview with NSF. Teams are evaluated on combination of factors, including commercial readiness of technology, potential market impact of innovation, and team dynamics and qualifications. This process can take up to 30 days.

Regional I-CorpsTM Program

The application process begins with an application submission to a Regional NSF I-CorpsTM Program of the team’s choosing. In the days following an application submission, the team will be contacted by a member of the Southwest I-CorpsTM team with additional details regarding next steps.

Ready to apply? Let’s get started.

To get started with the I-CorpsTM team application process, please complete the following form. Once we have received your submission, a member of the Southwest I-CorpsTM team will reach out with details regarding next steps.

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